About Us and Our Stockings

Presently I am a stay-at-home Navy wife, and this is my attempt to have an affordable (and perhaps even profitable) hobby.  It also factors into our long term adoption plans.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what went into a finished piece isn't always evident from the outside.  So, here is a breakdown of the typical assembly process.

1)  Since most attractive fabrics are too limp to create a sturdy stocking, an interfacing fabric is used to give it extra body.  My current favorite is bull denim.

2)  The show fabric is paired with the interfacing to create sturdy front and back pieces.

3)  Once the fabric and interfacing have been machine-stitched together, the edges are finished by hand to prevent fraying.  

4)  Decoration is added, the front and back pieces are stitched together, and the hook loop is added.  A lining is cut, sewn together, rolled down into a cuff at the top and pinned in place.

5)  The lining is stitched in by hand, and the stocking is complete.  

6)  Because the lining is only affixed at the top of the stocking, it can be turned out independently and spot-cleaned in the event of candy stains.

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