Sunday, July 10, 2011

Contact Me

Send all inquiries via email to .  I would be happy to discuss any of the available pieces or custom requests.  Browse the galleries for inspiration. :)

The price for each custom piece will be determined by the cost of materials and the complexity of the design.  Most typical stockings range from $45-$100, depending on the size and detail work required.  All consultations will be conducted via email.  A prototype picture and a quoted price will be provided to you for approval before the assembly process begins.  A flat rate of $10 per box will be included for shipping expenses.  Two to three stockings can fit in a single box.

I accept payment by check to an address which will be provided.  When payment has been received, the finished stocking will be shipped.


  1. These are SO BEAUTIFUL! You should set up a shop on if you haven't already to work in conjunction with the blog.

  2. Thanks! I'll probably do that around Christmas time. In the meantime, the blog is free. :)