Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peppermint Riot ~ $35

Made of an ivory cotton blend fabric with a red satin lining, a combination of several different ribbons and trims, sixteen tassels, eight small red bows with faux pearls, and eight handmade lampwork glass peppermint beads.

Beach Bum ~ $55

This one is for those who would rather spend Christmas in the sand than the snow.  It is approximately 14" long, made of a soft sandy-colored upholstery fabric with scalloped lace.  The three largest pieces were hand beaded, accented with genuine shells, freshwater pearls, and small pieces of jasper.  The lining is a rustic linen-like fabric.

Blue Countess ~ $20 (SOLD)

This was a relatively simple design, made of blue lace over blue crushed velvet with a sort of choker design at the top.  It is approximately 14" long with a blue satin lining.

Thursday, July 14, 2011



My husband's family really appreciated the stockings I made for them a few years ago, so I completed the family set this year.  These were made of suede and are of the "family style" rather than designer variety.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Frost ~ $25

First Frost is made of the ever-popular ivory cotton blend damask.  It is approximately 14" long with a silver satin lining.  It is decorated with glass beads in crystal and teardrop shapes, white Swarovski crystals, seed beads, and one clear plastic snowflake.

A matching name tag can be made if desired.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Highlander ~ $40

Highlander is made of a light cotton plaid with a few red and green sparkle threads running through it.  It is approximately 14" long with a red satin lining.  Decorated with small silver-tone jingle bells, glass seed beads and a plastic dog button.  It was an experiment with a more whimsical buckle design.

A matching name tag can be made if desired.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Contact Me

Send all inquiries via email to .  I would be happy to discuss any of the available pieces or custom requests.  Browse the galleries for inspiration. :)

The price for each custom piece will be determined by the cost of materials and the complexity of the design.  Most typical stockings range from $45-$100, depending on the size and detail work required.  All consultations will be conducted via email.  A prototype picture and a quoted price will be provided to you for approval before the assembly process begins.  A flat rate of $10 per box will be included for shipping expenses.  Two to three stockings can fit in a single box.

I accept payment by check to an address which will be provided.  When payment has been received, the finished stocking will be shipped.

Gold 'N Red Ornaments ~ $35

Gold 'N Red Ornaments is made of a smooth, almost glossy, cotton blend made in Turkey.  It is approximately 14" long, with a textured gold satin lining.

Ornaments are made from red felt, ribbon, jewelry chain links, and glass seed beads. 

Champagne glass crystals of various sizes accent the design.

A matching name tag can be made if desired.

Starry Night ~ $30

Starry Night is a simple design, approximately 14" long, made of a sturdy cotton blend.   The lining is made of pale gold textured satin.  I'm not sure why it has a pink tinge in the pictures.  It looks better in person, trust me.

A matching name tag can be created if desired.

Red Noel ~ $50

Red Noel was the first of my generic designer stockings.  It is approximately 14" long, made of an ivory cotton damask fabric with a red satin lining.

A matching name tag can be made if desired.

The crown border began with a 1 1/2" red ribbon, over which was placed a sheer red sparkle ribbon, with red upholstery trim over it all, beaded with white Swarovski crystal elements, and finished with a red beaded trim.

The letters NOEL were individually cut from burgundy red felt and stitched on by hand.  The stitches were hidden by red seed beads.

Three of the poinsettias were taken from a decorative Christmas pick, the fourth and largest was made by hand from the same red felt as the NOEL lettering and made to match as much as possible.  The scene is accented by smaller decorative blossoms made of ribbon and faux pearls, plastic beads shaped as red and white Christmas lights, white Swarovski crystals, clear glass seed beads, and one red cardinal button.

David, Jr.

This is the half sized stocking I made for our son, Little David, who died at two days old.  It is approximately 14" long, made of blue velvet with silver accent trim and white satin lining.

Each piece was made with the usual suspects: craft felt, ribbon, and glass seed beads.

The harp was for his biblical namesake, the scallop shell for being born and baptized in Monterey, California, and the little soldier was just cute.

First Stocking

This was my first attempt to recreate the traditional family stocking design for my husband.  It is approximately 20" long, made of royal purple/burgundy velvet with gold accent trim and white satin lining.

The details were tailored more to his interests than the Christmas season.

The Austrian Imperial eagle, made of felt, ribbon, and glass seed beads.

Beer stein with holly sprig, also made of felt and glass beads.

The crown of Charlemagne, made of double-thickness felt (for depth) and glass seed beads.  

And a bag of coal, just for fun.