Friday, May 25, 2012

Gone to the Dogs - "Zoey"

This is my first pet stocking, made for my sister's adorable little dog, Zoey.  It is also my first denim "pocket stocking," which is also made entirely of recycled denim.  Don't worry, it's been thoroughly laundered!  The heart-shaped pockets came from an old pair of toddler jeans, and are still fully functional.  I hope Zo-zo is a Levi's kind of dog.  At approximately 13.5" it is one of the smaller stockings, lined with cotton quilting fabric.

A later addition, the name tag.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dreamin' By the Fire - "Anita"

I made this one for my aunt in Colorado.  A "cozy fireplace scene" was suggested with special mention of Bert, the black labrador.

The body was made of a red brocade, the crest of cream-colored embroidered ribbon and green corduroy with Vintaj brass accents.  The majority of the scene is made of felt.  The forest print of the two deer was cut from cotton quilting fabric, and the tree is decorated with jewelry elements and glass and jasper beads.  The bears are buttons.  The lining is a red poinsettia print cotton quilting fabric.